Managed Services

Maximize the Outcomes.

Our Managed Services deliver an uninterrupted, competitive edge, providing fast, friendly, and full service support 24/7/365. We understand your circumstances are unique, you require more than just an out of box solution, you require an IT partner. Access high-level cost effective expertise and place some or all of the burden of resource-intense IT operations on our shoulders.

Your personalized Managed Service plan can be built around one or all of the following fixed fee platforms:

Managed Server Administration

Proactive Server Management and Administration.

We use the best tools in the industry to manage your servers or provide them to you no matter how simple or complex.

Our Managed Server Administration solutions manage, monitor, alert and report to ensure your servers stay protected and online.

Managed User Devices

Devices that Perform.

User have a direct and personal connection to their devices; they are the user’s portal to information. We understand the importance of user devices and our Managed User Device solutions ensure these devices are secured, optimized and monitored. User efficiency is critical to success.

Managed Network Infrastructure

Connectivity Guaranteed.

Network Infrastructure is the backbone of your company’s information systems. Our Managed Network Infrastructure Solutions provide visibility to ensure devices are available, in good health and always at peak performance.

Quickly Identify and remediate bottlenecks in network performance.

Managed Cloud

Applications and Resources Delivered With Ease.

These services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services. We’re experts on everything-cloud and have a proven track record of integrating cloud services to your existing environment.

Managed Security

Strengthen your security response and defense.

We’ve partnered with industry leading vendors allowing us to customize a threat management system to meet your needs. Our managed security offerings extend past hardware and software to include: Policies, procedures and user security training to ensure a well-rounded security solution.

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Don’t Settle for Downtime.

Getting any critical systems back online is crucial to protecting any companies bottom line. Our solutions go way past backing up your servers ensuing any device responsible for providing your uses access to company resources is backed up, a recovery plan in place and tested regularly.

Managed Strategy

Business and IT Goals Aligned.

Innova assists companies in achieving their goals and delivering value through effective governance and management of their IT systems. Everything delivered through a dedicated vCIO asset and support team, all focused on your growth.  

Don't Sweat IT. Manage your Future.

We take care of the complex stuff so you don’t have to. See what our existing clients have to say. Or contact a vCIO or Account Executive to schedule a free assessment.