Consulting Services

Our Experience is your Competitive Advantage.

Business is a series of processes. Innova’s Consulting Services focus on streamlining those processes by resolving challenges and uncovering the opportunities hidden in technology systems and the way users leverage them. Innova Consulting specialists are trained to think holistically about your entire technology ecosystem, focusing on understanding your specific challenges, goals and risk tolerance.

Our Consulting methodology is predicated on industry best practices surrounding governance and management, allowing us to provide solutions that suit organizations of any size. Before we propose a solution, we understand your organization’s specific needs and identify systems or processes that can be transformed for greater efficiency and continuity between IT and business. Innova Consultants will offer guidance and business planning services that help you align IT with your goals.

Small Business

Opening a new location, upgrading existing technology, considering a new software platform, or simply procuring new end user equipment, without a complete IT department these challenges can seem daunting. Innova’s Consulting services assist small business in making these critical decisions, ensuring your investments will be viable for years to come. We offer Small Business the experience and expertise of a robust IT department without the payroll burden. 

Medium-sized Business

Medium-size business understand even if they feel that their IT system are suitably managed, any growth or changes in the company can result in downtime. We provide medium-size business an array of Consulting Services that allow them to navigate with success, changes in network architecture, migrations to new equipment or software, introduction of new technology in a production environment and many other technology initiatives. Now that you are building momentum, Innova's Consulting Services will enable you to get more IT for your budget and more time for your growing business.


Our Consulting Services help our enterprise customers take a key step toward better business agility, economics, and user experiences, without losing focus on their core operations. For many modern CIOs and technology leaders, enterprise technology deployments present an opportunity to redefine the role IT plays in implementing a business’s strategy. Because of its power to fundamentally change how businesses operates, new technology initiatives can be a game changer for the enterprise but also burdensome. Innova offers Enterprise customers less risk and more agility in these endeavors.

Our Process is the Standard.


Our approach to IT governance ensures that a company’s objectives are achieved by evaluating stakeholder needs, conditions and options; setting direction through prioritisation and decision making. We lay the groundwork to ensure every IT decision you make, is the right one.


Our approach to IT Management allow us to build, implement and monitor activities in alignment with the direction of the company directives and goals. We provide more than just a roadmap, we are your navigator along the route to your desired destination.

Don't Sweat IT. Consulting Done Right.

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